Full variety ahead: We powder-coat both small and large parts extremely flexible and in high quality. In addition to standard and serial parts such as profiles, edged parts, pipes and facade elements, we also finish special constructions and custom-made parts. The size of the components ranges from a few centimeters and grams to a part length of 17.5 meters and 3 tons in weight.










Which substrate materials would you like to powder coat?

  • Aluminum mill finished
    (as profiled and sheet metal goods, edgings or constructions)
  • Galvanized steel (strip, hot-dip and electro galvanized)
  • Steel
  • Special features:
    - Stainless steel
    - Profile systems (e.g. Jansen, Forster, RP, etc.)
    - Glass
    - Foil
    - Paper
    - Sizes


Various repair options are available for repairing powder-coated surfaces. These depend on the use and damage of the affected components.

If the damaged component is not yet permanently installed or can be removed without difficulty, it is preferable to dismantle the part and repair or overcoat it at the powder coating plant.

Permanently installed parts that can no longer be dismantled are repaired on site. Liquid paint systems are suitable for this, which are adjusted to the color and gloss level of the powder coating used. For minor repairs, a powder coat colorless paint mixture can be used. For this purpose, the used powder coating is mixed with a colorless clear lacquer.

Powderfix patches, a self-adhesive foil technology, represent a completely new repair method. The area to be repaired is covered with a special self-adhesive foil that is already coated with the original powder coating. Uncoated cutting surface at the edges of these Powderfix patches are usually only visible to the critical observer. Patch size can be conveniently selected to cover the entire field of view with the application of these Powderfix Patches. This repair technique is suitable for:

  • Areas up to 550 x 550 mm    
  • Strips up to 100 x 1000 mm
  • Custom sizes  
  • Punched parts in many shapes

It is recommended that all repairs are carried out by a specialist company, otherwise the warranty will not apply. Prior to any repair work, tests should be carried out on a suitable area of the object using the selected repair system.

We have compiled further information on the above-mentioned repair options for you in our technical data sheets ENV 802, 804 and 805. All these documents can be requested by using our order form.

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