For ENVIRAL® the further development of corrosion protection with its complex requirements is a priority.

We are therefore pleased that with SmartCorr® we have been able to set an important milestone in this direction. This product, developed by ENVIRAL® Oberflächenveredelung GmbH, is based on fundamental research by the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in the field of nanotechnology, which was patented and exclusively licensed to ENVIRAL® by Max Planck Innovation GmbH.

The numerous benefits range from increased durability of coating and corrosion protection, resource conservation by eliminating the need for corrosion protection primer, to usability with most conventional coating formulations and processes. Feel free to contact us for customized solutions using SmartCorr® technology. We are looking forward being of service to you.

The workpieces made of aluminum, untreated steel and galvanized steel are pretreated by us wet-chemically or mechanically for powder coating, depending on the component size and the substrate condition. For this purpose, degreasing/iron phosphating, chromium-free Al pretreatment or pressure or centrifugal blasting are used.

The powder coating applied afterwards - 1-layer with 80 to 120μm for the interior, 2-layer with up to 160-180µm for the exterior - achieves corrosion protection class C2 to C5 long according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2.

Such a powder coating replaces, for example, the use of liquid coating materials to achieve the corrosivity category C5 long, which - depending on the coating system selected - must be applied in 3 to 6 layers to the blasted steel surface in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944-5 and must have a total nominal layer thickness of 240 to 500µm.

The precondition for achieving passive corrosion protection through the use of a powder coating is the structural corrosion protection to be planned or implemented by the planner, designer, metal or steel constructor by means of avoiding:

  • doubling of any kind (especially outdoors)
  • inaccessible areas, acute angles, sharp edges
  • porous and/or non-continuous welds (especially on the exterior)
  • components not designed in accordance with corrosion protection requirements, e.g. unfavorably positioned reinforcing metal sheets
  • leakage of greases, oils or cooling lubricants from doublings if these have not been removed before the components were assembled.

We would be happy to advise you in more detail on this subject in a personal meeting and are available to clarify detailed project-related questions.


The product SmartCorr® developed by ENVIRAL® Oberflächenveredelung GmbH is based on the basic research of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in the field of nanotechnology, which was patented and exclusively licensed to ENVIRAL® by Max Planck Innovation GmbH. Based on the self-healing mechanism of human skin, we developed an innovative process for the functionalization of corrosion protection coatings to enable them to "heal" damage on its own.

A major advantage of our innovative approach is its versatile nature: The size of the micro- and nanocontainers, the shell properties as well as the type of enclosed substances and release mechanisms can be adapted to the respective application background. In addition, substances of health concern such as heavy metals and volatile organic compounds can be largely avoided, which in turn makes an important contribution to environmental and health protection.

Intelligent, self-healing corrosion protection coatings

In order to "heal" the damage by itself, tiny micro- and nanocontainers are filled with active substances (e.g. corrosion inhibitors, sealants, biocides, etc.) and then embedded in an anti-corrosion coating. If the protective coating is damaged over time (e.g. by scratches or cracks), the embedded containers are destroyed at the defective site and actively acting counter-substances are released. This immediately reseals the damaged area and eliminates the risk of corrosion.

The active protective substance is released only at the defective area and only in the quantity required to prevent corrosion. Thus, a longer lasting effective period as well as a significantly higher sustainability of the coatings are made possible.

The decisive advantage: active feedback with the corrosion trigger.

This "intelligent behavior" of the new active anti-corrosion coatings is possible thanks to their innovative microstructure: the tiny micro- and nanocontainers not only contain active substances inside them, but also have an intelligently designed shell structure in which permeability changes depending on the type of corrosion trigger.

If the encapsulated active substance is released, it immediately starts to act against the corrosion-causing influences. Once the danger has been eliminated, the permeability of the container shell decreases again. This conditional reversibility between the closed and opened state of the container ensures very economical consumption of the active substance and the greatly improved protective effect of anticorrosion coatings based on it.

SmartCorr® Fields of application

SmartCorr® Nanocontainers sees particularly high application potential for its innovative corrosion protection concept in the following markets:

  • transportation - automotive, rail vehicles, aerospace
  • architecture and infrastructure - building structures, water, gas and oil pipelines
  • maritime environment - ship building, offshore wind turbines, oil and gas platforms


Advantages of our solution:

  • more effective and longer-lasting protection against corrosion and resulting reduction in maintenance costs
  • lower coating thickness and therefore lower weight and material consumption
  • reduction of coating complexity and therefore shorter production times
  • lower environmental impact and health burden
  • high compatibility with conventional coating formulations and processes
  • customized solutions


The new, environmentally friendly, self-healing anti-corrosion coatings help to significantly increase the appeal of products coated with them.

Do you have questions about SmartCorr?

ENVIRAL® Oberflächenveredelung GmbH . Mr. Roman Raidl


+43 (0)664 7386 0951

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