Challenge us! We do it too. ENVIRAL® regularly submits to the quality controls of the GSB, which is the quality association for the coating of building components. Since 2011, we have been complying with the quality guideline for the coating of building components made of aluminum and its alloys that are used in the construction industry: for our production in Austria as well as for our production in Germany.

Since 2016, we have attained the GSB Master Approved Zinc & Steel certification by GSB for our site in Germany, since 2021 for our site in Austria. At our site in Austria we are certified with the GSB Master Coater for plain steel as well. This makes ENVIRAL® one of only a few powder coating companies even in Europe that are allowed to carry this predicate: You as a customer gain the highest degree of safety and reliability in surface finishing.

GSB international monitors and ensures the quality of industrial paint coatings. Regular monitoring audits conducted twice a year ensure that ENVIRAL® surface coatings are applied in accordance with the strict GSB guidelines.

Benefit from the numerous approvals of ENVIRAL® for the success of your projects.

We are very pleased that you are interested in the high quality services of ENVIRAL® and are happy to offer you our active consulting services as part of our service.

At our location in Niemegk (near Berlin) we have the product qualification according to
DBS 918 340 for interior steel add-on parts and for exterior and interior aluminum add-on parts for Deutsche Bahn rail vehicles.

At our site in Pöttelsdorf (near Vienna), we have obtained product qualification according to DB BN 918 340 for exterior aluminum an exterior steel parts of Deutsche Bahn rail vehicles. The tests were carried out according to DB TL 918340 for parts with exterior application.

We ensure the quality of our products at ENVIRAL® in Germany and in Austria through our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 >DE and >AT and the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 >DE and >AT.  However, our standards go beyond this: our trained employees are always at the cutting edge of technology. This enables us to offer you up-to-date solutions. In addition, we have permanent quality checks in our in-house test laboratory, along with external reviews to ensure comprehensive process documentation.

In addition, the ENVIRAL® site in Pöttelsdorf, Austria, is certified with the "Austria" seal of quality for piece goods coating under certificate number 90.033.

ENVIRAL® Oberflächenveredelung GmbH carries the "Powder Coated Tough" seal.

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI), representative of the North American powder coating industry, promotes powder coating technology and communicates the benefits of powder coating to manufacturers, consumers and government. PCI was founded on May 1, 1981, as a nonprofit organization and has worked ever since to promote the use of powder coating as an economical, environmentally friendly, high-quality surface finish for industrial and consumer products.

For more information, please visit Powder Coating Institute (PCI).

In addition to the numerous approvals of architectural and industrial coatings, ENVIRAL® has been actively engaged in the topic of "use of alternative energies and avoidance of pollutants" since its foundation in the 1990s.

The consistent environmental orientation, which is also codified in the company name with "Environment", was continued in 2019 with the entry into the DGNB, the German Sustainable Building Council. The association with its approximately 1,200 member organizations represents the entire value chain in the construction and real estate industry. What all members of the DGNB have in common - and why we are part of it - is the interest and willingness to actively work for more sustainability and thus to keep further enhancing sustainable construction as a topic.

In 2021, ENVIRAL® is taking the next step and has joined the Alliance for Climate and Development. The commitment is accompanied at both sites in Germany and in Austria. It includes investments in new compressed air technology as well as in additional large PV systems aiming at the greatest possible self-utilization of solar power and for peak power load capping. To achieve this, among other things, control optimization is being carried out through a 100 kW electricity storage system at each site. In Austria, the use of self-generated electricity is additionally increased by resistance heating elements, which heat two hot water tanks with surplus electricity - especially on weekends and holidays.

In addition, ENVIRAL® aims to support CO2 reduction in emerging countries through its commitment to the Alliance for Climate and Development ... and continues to work on steadily reducing or finally replacing the fossil energy still in use.

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