Since March 2021: BAW approval according to Im1

Steel constructions of all kinds must be protected against corrosion in order to maintain static safety and fatigue strength.

The new and innovative powder coating system of ENVIRAL® Oberflächenveredelung GmbH is based on an intelligent and highly effective corrosion protection (SmartCorr®) as well as an excellent antifouling protection against the permanent formation of microorganisms and the adhesion of e.g. mussels.

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Scientific support incorporating testing institutes as part of the transformation into practice:


The SmartCorr® product developed by ENVIRAL® Oberflächenveredelung GmbH is based on the basic research of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in the field of nanotechnology. It is patented and exclusively licensed to ENVIRAL® by Max Planck Innovation GmbH.

On this basis, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Bachert is working on the further development of an innovative and sustainable powder coating system for hydraulic steel construction as part of an R&D project in cooperation with ENVIRAL®. In March 2024, the independent testing institute BAW (Federal Institute for Hydraulic Engineering) has approval according to Im1, suitable for use in fresh water and in the area of federal waterways. The Institute for Antifouling and Biocorrosion Dr. Brill and Partner is also integrated.

Responsibility towards the environment:

The new powder coating system is free from bisphenols, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and halogens. It does not contain PVC, phthalates or other plasticizers.

  • BAW approval according to Im1
  • excellent corrosion protection
  • convincing antifouling properties
  • longer service life
  • less maintenance cycles and costs
  • reduces downtimes and thus improves profitability
  • responsible towards environment

Permanently efficient:


A fatigue test simulating 35 years of fatigue strength stress showed very good results for the colour samples coated by ENVIRAL® with SmartCorr® and antifouling.

“The coating system was tested in the BAW laboratory in accordance with the guidelines for testing coating systems for corrosion protection in hydraulic steel construction and is suitable for use under heavy mechanical loads. We are very pleased having achieved the certificate of approval of the BAW", states Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Bachert, who is highly satisfied with the results.

Tested under extreme conditions:


After more than four years of exposure in an extremely corrosive environment, the SmartCorr® coating shows excellent behaviour under real-life conditions. Corrosion attack is minimal even on artificially created damage. Classically coated comparison samples tend to be close to failure.

"The innovative SmartCorr® corrosion protection has already been successful proven in real life in recent years. We are all the more pleased to be able to use and further develop the high requirements as a basis for hydraulic steel construction," says Ing. Rainer Rogovits, Managing Director of ENVIRAL®.



ENVIRAL® DE: DIN EN ISO 9001 Certification


DIN EN ISO 14001 Certification


GSB Master certifications for aluminium, steel and galvanized steel


Successful antifouling tests according to ASTM D 3623-78a (2020) and ASTM 6990-20


BAW approval according to Im1
suitable for use in fresh water and in the area of federal waterways (Federal Institute for Hydraulic Engineering)

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